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The Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant

Hear ye, hear ye! The Dirty Dicks Jesters are coming to town!

Brace yourselves for a night of revelry and mirth as Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant descends upon Panthers Bathurst! Tickets have been unfurled like the royal banner, and it’s time to stake your claim before they vanish into the mist. Envision this – tales from the era of Robin Hood and his Merry Band, now bedecked in modern splendor with a twist of tights!

What to Expect:

Dirty Dicks pledges an evening of merrymaking with a sprinkle of medieval charm – imagine a joust of fresh songs, a tapestry of new performance marvels, and games that would make the court jesters blush. It’s a riotous blend of timeless madness and modern mayhem. Croon to their witty tunes, engage in madcap games, and be a part of the revelry – all whilst savoring a feast fit for knights and damsels alike, a 3-course banquet to delight the senses.

Running Times:

Here’s the temporal decree: The castle gates swing wide at 7:00 pm, the grand spectacle unfurls at 7:15 pm, and as the clock strikes 9:50 pm, the curtain descends to herald the end of this medieval carnival.

Seize your moment in the kingdom’s spotlight – procure your tickets forthwith! Be the early minstrel and secure your place at this soirée of jesters and jestresses. Let the revelry commence at Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant – where modern merriment meets medieval magic!


Saturday 30 Nov 2024


7:15 PM