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  • Neat, clean and occasion appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Overall appearance should be well kept and not disheveled
  • National dress, where appropriate is welcome
  • Headwear is acceptable provided it does not cover the face.
  • Fancy dress costumes need to be pre-approved by management


  • Untidy, torn, ripped, ragged or unclean clothing or footwear
  • Offensive clothing (e.g. items bearing slogans/imagery or associated with criminal organisations, motorcycle gangs, gang colours or fight apparel)
  • Jewellery/accessories that could be used as a weapon (e.g. knuckledusters, large dress rings, studded belts/collars.)
  • Revealing, provocative or immodest clothing (e.g. No short shorts/miniskirts that expose the buttocks/crotch areas when walking/sitting/standing.)
  • Bathers/bikini tops/swimwear, exposed bralettes or crop tops
  • Bare feet, sports boots or studded boots
  • Poor personal hygiene


  • No rubber thongs, gumboots, crocs, scuffs or slippers
  • No singlets/sleeveless shirts worn by men
  • No football shorts.

Please note: Our Club management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone if, in their opinion, their standard of dress or behaviour is considered unsuitable. We also reserve the right to conduct bag searches. Thank you for your understanding.