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The Angels

The Angels – 50 Years in the Making. Two Hours. Two Sets. 

This is it, folks – the first Angels tour with Nick Norton out front.

“As we close in on our 50th anniversary, this is an exciting new chapter in the story of The Angels,” guitarist and co-founder John Brewster says. “We can’t wait to hit the road with Nick.” Yep, this is big: 50 years in the making. Two hours. Two sets. A new lead singer. And an unforgettable collection of Greatest Hits and Rarities.

The Angels formed in Adelaide in 1974. As the book The 100 Best Australian Albums points out, “The Angels can lay claim to being Australia’s longest-lasting band.” Nick Norton joined The Angels in 2011 and has been the band’s drummer for the past 12 years. But now he’s stepping out from behind the kit and taking centre stage. “Nick is an incredible musician and a great singer and songwriter,” John says. “He obviously knows the songs like the back of his hand and the fans already know and love him, so he’s the perfect fit.”

As well as his vocal prowess, Nick will add a third guitar to The Angels’ famous wall of sound. “For the very first time in The Angels’ history, we’re going to have three guitars live on stage,” Rick Brewster says. “To say we’re excited is an understatement.” Replacing Nick on drums is John’s son Tom, meaning the band now has two sets of Brewster Brothers – John and Rick on guitar, and Sam (who joined in 2013) on bass, and Tom on drums.

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Saturday 20 Jan 2024


8:30 PM




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